Monday, February 22, 2010

This Guy is Stuck in the Middle of Our Yard

This Guy is Stuck in the Middle of Our Yard
A winter storm blew in over night. School is canceled, so I'm home in the middle of the day. This guy was obviously driving too fast, as he slid off the road and got stuck in the middle of our yard over the sidewalk. Many in our subdivision feel that our roads need to be plowed whenever there is any accumulation of snow so that buses and ambulances can get through and for the safety of children who may be outside playing. Here's an example showing that snowplowing the roads may actually make it more unsafe by giving drivers a false sense of security, making them drive faster than what they should for the conditions.

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  1. Plowed or not plowed, there always seem to be some drivers who don't pay attention to good driving habits!! Hope you enjoyed your snow day otherwise!