Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009

My husband was hanging up Christmas decorations today. The vibration from his drill wiggled something loose between the walls. According to him, "something metal came crashing down" and he was determined to figure out what it was. Our good friend Richard's company markets this gadget for the use in the automotive industry. It is a tiny camera on a long tube (reminds me of a camera that might be used for a colonoscopy...) We just so happen to have a hole in the wall from where hubby tried to hang some speakers up a few years ago, so he used that hole to do some "wall scoping." The tube wasn't quite long enough, so he drilled another hole in the pantry to get a closer view. It turned out to be an electrical switch cover receptacle. He cannot get it out, but he knows what it is... and just so happens to have one in the basement. He looked it up in a Home Depot book, and it sells for 78 cents. Tomorrow's picture will be that!

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