Friday, April 9, 2010

Steel Dam at Redridge, near Houghton, MI

Steel Dam at Redrock, near Houghton, Michigan
Michigan's upper penisula is the heart of "copper country." In September of 1922, the Baltic Copper Mining Company closed its mill. Today, the old hamlet is a mass of ruins. The big steel dam is still there with the rusted tracks still threaded across its dilapidated top. No longer though does it hold back any water. For safety reasons, the water level was lowered some years ago. A lake still exists behind the remnants of the older dam which was uncovered as the lake level was lowered and the water retreated behind it. This tall concrete stack of the old Baltic mill can be seen for miles from Lake Superior. My daughter visited Redridge and took this photo. She said that she actually went inside it and that "it was a major wind tunnel with the air blowing up to the top." She said it was cool, but her contact lenses didn't care for it too much!
~photo by Lisa Shoemaker

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